The American Institute Plan of Action (AIPA)

Mission Statement


The American Institute is a regionally based equal opportunity educational Institute. It was established in 2010 in hope to fill a gap of educational deficiency in professional and language training in Djibouti. 



Our vision is to grow from a language based institute into a two-year post-secondary college in six years. And in eight years to transform into a four-year degree university. The American Institute envisages to become a full higher education institution in 10 years.  

Registration Process


The American Institute takes pride in its equal opportunity status and smooth registration process. Our students go through a 15 minutes registration process with the help of our valuable staff. Students can also register online in 3 minutes. 


Placement Test


Every student that enrolls in our programs must take a placement test in order to be placed in the appropriate level. All placement tests must be corrected upon the student’s completion. Students do not have to pay for the placement test. Students also do not have to enroll in order to be able to take the placement test.  

Teacher’s Tasks and Duties


As part of our hiring process, the American Institute requires every teacher to take a comprehensive qualifying test. The test includes both written and oral exams. Teachers must obtain a score of 90/100 to be considered a new-recruit in our school. Upon their acceptance, teachers complete two more seminars in teaching methodology. 

Technology in class


Each one of our classes is equipped with a 32-plus inch smart screen TV with audio support. Our teachers utilize audio and video support materials on daily basis in the class. The American institute is committed to provide a quality and affordable education.